Dream Car Drivers is an online social media platform that connects people passionate about dream cars, worldwide.


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The most important features of Dream Car Drivers :


* a worldwide, private and payed for niche platform, only for people with a passion for dream cars.

You don’t have to own one, you must share the passion.

*Choose your favourite brand of car and become a member of the nr 1 club in the world, related to your


In our main network, Dream Car Drivers, we created other sub-networks (''CLUBS'').

(More Maniacs are not listed brands, Oldtimer category is Only Oldies).

If you should have a passion for more cars, of course it is possible to join more ''Clubs'', all included in your



*Of course you have your own profile that you can get started with

*We have 100% transparency and real time politics (You don’t need to pay for ads if you want a larger range)

* We work with a personal, physical membership card, giving you lots of benefits from our global partners.

(only included in Platinum Membership).

*we are a secure, private business network and a fun network.

*we offer videochat to 8 people at a time

*you can run your own shop where you can buy/sell cars, classics and parts (important : we take 0% commission)

*you can create and manage your own event calendar and sell tickets for these events directly from the platform (Rally’s, fairs, private parties...)

*you can set your personal privacy settings yourself

*you can send emails to your contacts (up to 150.000 per month) for free (personal emails, from the platform to your contact email addresses)

*you can send internal messages

*you can integrate your twitter account

*you can share your content (photo’s, video’s, events...) with your (self approved) friends and on more than 20 other social networks

*you can receive network notifications (fully customizable to your personal requirements)

*you meet only ‘’like minded people’’ from all over the world and expand your (business) network enormously

*and so much more...


''EXCLUSIVE'' (Access to network only) : 249$/year

''PLATINUM'' (Access to network + personal membership card with benefits worldwide) : 999$/year


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